‘After the Moria Fires’ a poem by Amir Ali

After the fires

There’s so much I want to say

There’s so much I want to write

About refugees who ran away from war

from torture, violence and persecution

And then end up here in Lesvos, a European island

Facing once again what they ran away from

Horror, homelessness, destitution, desperation

So everyone is looking for someone to blame.

Who shall we blame?

European governments without democracy or human rights?

European migration policy failure?

Shall we blame the Greek government

for taking lots of money to control refugee flows to Europe

for keeping them stuck here in Greece in limbo

for making them live an intolerable existence

for making Greeks suffer too?

Who shall we blame?

Shall we blame locals who attack refugees

for their stupidity

for how they act with spite?

Shall we blame Greeks who hate refugees?

Shall we blame people who posted fake selfies

of smiling refugees in front of the Moria fires

saying they only have themselves to blame?

BUT What’s the use of JUST BLAMING?

To the Greek government

I want to say

Please believe me

Refugees would love to leave your village, city and country

If only you would let them

Refugees would love it even more if they could go home

but they can’t

To the Greek people

I want to say

Please do the right thing

Talk to your politicians instead of beating up refugees

Tell your politicians to evacuate the island

Tell them to stop taking money for a situation they cannot manage

To European Member States I want to say

Now is the time to act like human beings

Now is the time to make right the policy wrongs

Now is the time for every country to take responsibility

To all my readers, I want to say

Please find it in your hearts

To live in solidarity with

People living on the streets of Mytiline

Without food or water

Please help us help them

Sign the petition here.

Donate here.

Amir Ali is a young Afghan refugee who has been living on Lesvos for 4 years. He now works as an interpreter.


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