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In praise of Arara Gardens

By Malema

Every weekend I used go to Arara park with my friends and my family. We would play football together, then we used to have a barbecue with traditional Sudanese foods including kebabs and asida – a wheat flour dumpling.

My mother was born in Bamyan, Afghanistan and emigrated to Iran with her family when she was 5 years old. She was never sent to school and was employed in farms and orchards when she was eight years old and started working as a child.


I love the Arara Gardens because it has something for everyone. It is an amazing place for children as well as for adults. It has a wonderful, small river and beautiful trees and fabulous flowers. In addition, it has a lovely views of the local countryside. And it has a great smell which makes us feel happier. Arara Gardens is the most famous garden in Darfur, just a few minutes away from Arara city centre in West Darfur. Arara Gardens is where you can enjoy yourself with your parents while having lots of great activities. Therefore I nominate Arara Gardens as Sudan’s best garden.


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