From Syria to Swansea Sanas Story

Sana and family arrived in Wales three years ago via a refugee resettlement scheme..

Life in Syria was good before the war started. Men went to work, and Sana and a few other women involved in a bedding business. The couple has three children, and they were happy in school. Their life changed dramatically since the war started. There were some blasts in their city, and it was unsafe for them to live in there anymore. They had to move towards Kurdistan border and to camps before they were sent to UK by the officials. 

The family is very happy in Wales. The support workers were very helpful in Swansea and they have so much support when settling in wales. Before they have had the language as a barrier but now their children are in school and the couple started learning English in Gower college. Neighbours are very nice, and they feel very safe in here. Like everyone else Covid19 turned their lives upside down once again – as they have to stay inside without human contacts most of the time. 

Though the covid situation is very bad in UK, the family finds the life in UK is still better than live in Syria as otherwise they would be dead by now from Covid19 if not from war. Life in Syria is even more difficult to their parents and relatives now with Covid19. They described its very stressful and disturbing all the time when think about their parents and relatives. Once a wealthy country now economically struggling due to war – even the basics are extremely expensive, and the exchange rates are sky high. They cannot see a life back in Syria even though they want to go back.