Humanity Knows No Borders Or Nationality

“This Polish woman and her two children are standing in front of her country’s embassy in London, protesting against the actions of her country’s government against stranded refugees, including the missing Yemeni refugees.She wipes her young daughter’s head, holds a picture of a Yazidi child at the Polish border, and cries.
In front of her is a cute child busy drawing and declaring his solidarity with refugee children, victims of wars and hunger in their countries and political bickering on European borders.
Humanity has no religion – solidarity has no borders”

Thousands of Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni refugees have been stranded at the Polish-Belarus borders for weeks. Refugees were left stranded in inhumane circumstances. Covid-19 and police brutality at the borders made it next to impossible for volunteers to access those stranded refugees, many of whom are women and children, who have been sleeping in forest with little to no food, health care or any attention.


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