International Women: How can we celebrate when life is precarious?

Rani lost her husband to Covid and then lost her rights so how can she celebrate international women’s day when she has nothing and No Recourse to Public Funds.

Rani is from South Asia. She got married to her husband ‘Raj’ after families arranged it. She came to the UK with high hopes for a new start to her life. She did not speak much English. She did not go out to work. She has been a loyal housewife ever since. She was happy in this new life. The first two years went faster than she thought. 

Covid19 turned her life upside down. It took her husband away from her forever! Rani did not have any connection with outside world. She felt hopeless. She did not know what to do.

She is now a penniless widow without rights. Her husband didn’t leave anything behind for her – no money, no pension to help her to survive. Furthermore, she believed that her application for Indefinite Leave to Remain was delayed due to Covid but she was wrong. Her incompetent solicitor had not even applied for it after two years. This meant that currently she has No Recourse to Public Funds! No money for food, rent or bills! She has no language skills. She cannot get a job. She has no visa. She is now staying illegally in the country. She has no one else back home to look after her either.

Rani is devastated and shocked to have found her in this position she never believed she would be in. She was supported by couple of charities to survive but nothing is guaranteed forever!


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