By Alhaji Kamara (A S Kay)

We maybe different colours 

But we’re one human race 

In this place 

Let’s chase hatred out of our space 

For its gaining pace 

It’s slowly dividing the human race 

Don’t allow it win the race 

Let’s embrace one another 

For we are one human race 

Regardless of colour 

You are my sister, you are my brother 

Let’s come together 

And embrace one another 

Together we will conquer 

We are all one colour inside 

It’s the same blood running through our vains

Let’s break the hatred chains 

From our brains

Let’s heed the call from Bob Marley 

“One love, One heart, let’s get together and feel allright” 

Let there be no fight 

Let peace and love shine bright

We maybe different colours 

But we are one human race 

Let’s live in peace 

As the African proverb goes 

“Milk and honey have different colours

but they share the same house peacefully”

©️ Alhaji Kamara (A S Kay) 2020

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