A Poem By Alhaji Kamara (A S Kay)*

We were bombarded 

Bombed to the ground 

But we refused to stay down

They tried to keep us down 

But still we refused to stay down 

We never drowned 

Never let go our crown 

We were chased out

Made displaced and refugees 

Still we return 

We rebuild our villages, cities and towns 

We can never be knocked out and down 

We are resilience 

Our houses were burnt down to ashes 

We rebuild from grass ose, pan body now to up-n-garet

We tie we belt

N win de fet

We got hit harder 

But like rubber ball we bounced higher 

Now we are flying high 

Like a bird in the sky

We are shining star 

Look how we de glitter 

We are diamond stars

Look how Koidu de glitter

Very pretty city

Kono we are resilience 

They can’t take away our ambiance 

Despite the excruciating experience

We are still welcoming and giving everyone chance 

But we are clever 

We are wiser

We are using our experience 

To rebuild 

No time for grievance 

We are people of high resilience

*Some of the lines in the above poem are in Krio an English based Creole language that is spoken throughout Sierra Leone. After the rebels burnt down parts of Kono people salvaged what was left. Some built shelter with zinc while others use local materials.


Tie we belt: to be determined, to work hard.

Win de fet: win the fight/succeed 

Grase ose: grass house is a house that is roofed with long grass 

Pan body: this is house built with roofing zinc Up-n-garet: a multi-storey house or tall building

My name is Alhaj Kamara I’m from the Kono District Sierra Leone.
I came to Swansea in 2003 to seek sanctuary from the civil war.
I’m currently living in Birmingham.
I have a degree in public services and PGCE in education
I write mainly about peace and love.
I also write to inspire people in a positive way.
In these tough times, I’ve been writing lots of poems.
Staying positive!

©️ Alhaji Kamara (AS Kay) 2021
[email protected]
Twitter: @ASKayPoetry
Instagram: a.s.kaypoetry