The Eviction of Pikpa Open Refugee Camp

Intro by Marie Gillespie

This blog shows the December  2020 newsletter of Lesvos Solidarity – our partner in this project – consisting of a coalition of 450 organisations, movements and politicians working together in the struggle for refugee rights. The island of Lesvos has been a gateway to Europe for many refugees since 2015. Many have ended up stuck there for months and went years due to inadequate and brutal European migration policies and practices.

Pikpa refugee camp provided sanctuary for the most vulnerable refugees since 2012. The newsletter recounts how the police eviction of Pikpa in December 2020, the fires in Moria camp in September 2020 that left 13,000 refugees homeless and on the streets of Mytilene, and the impact of Covid have had a devastating effect on refugees as well as solidarity organisations on the island. Despite these dreadful circumstances, the spirit of solidarity remains. 2021 will tell whether we choose to look away or do something about the dire circumstances in which so many find themselves.

Lesvos Solidarity Newsletter | Click image to open up PDF


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