Time is on your side

This blog was written by Angel who is a mother of four and an asylum seeker living in Swansea.

As I lay awake at night, thoughts of what Covid-19 has meant to us parents come to mind. It has been overwhelming for sure, but each person experiences it in their own way. So many children are left alone by parents who have to work tirelessly for hours on end just to make ends meet. It has got worse during Cov-19. Children tell me that they wish their mom and dad could just have a little more time to be with them, to have a chat or to play a game or even to give them a hug.

Well, as lockdown eases, the time has come when we can hug again. I know some parents are very frustrated at this time but my message to us parents is:

Think about the promises that you made to your children but could not fulfil because of TIME!

Well guess what?

TIME is now on your side so use it to spread your love.

Take time with your children now and make full use of this rare opportunity because it might be just once in a LIFETIME.


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